Jogja Festivals Forum and Expo (JFFE) is a gathering event for festival stakeholders at D.I Yogyakarta which aims to identify problems and find solutions related to organising festivals in Yogyakarta. JFFE was initiated for the first time in 2019 by Jogja Festivals.

Jogja Festivals was founded by 15 Festivals on September 21, 2014 and became official on March 9, 2017 by fifteen festivals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia who are actively participating in a creative process that gives a great input and impact for the dynamic cultural movement in Indonesia.

Jogja Festivals actively have made real contributions to development of interest for the festivals visit as a social activity which has an impact on the growth of organizing festivals that have diversities in various perspectives; social, economic, infrastructure, education, arts and culture.

As the only strategic platform for the festival ecosystem in Indonesia, Jogja Festivals continues to learn and open various possibilities of future cooperation and collaborations as an effort to improve Yogyakarta's quality as a world class festival city


The JFFE's EXPO is a festival exhibition as a presentation space to showcase the uniqueness of festivals in Indonesia as well as festival representatives from ASEAN member countries. The exhibition aims to become a means of presentation, promotion and knowledge transfer for festival lovers and activists and have a goal to create a dynamic forum for meetings and collaboration between festival stakeholders: society, government, academia, business.


The meeting room function as an online discussion and strategic platform to develop strategies and mitigation for organizing festivals in Yogyakarta and in the ASEAN regional realm, which include resilience and sustainability of holding cultural arts festivals in the midst and post-pandemic.This platform also aim to building a representation of ASEAN regional voices through festival activists in world forums, which so far have only been represented in sectoral domains. There are several main issues in this discussion; discussing strategies for organizing festivals during and after the pandemic, discussing policy strategies related to festivals as an integral part of the creative economy and international relations and to strengthening the institutional capacity and network of festivals in D.I Yogyakarta Province.

There are two main events in this stages


Performance art is one of the important key factors for festivals in Yogyakarta to engage with the public. During the pandemic era, festivals lose an opportunity to make a live offline performance, but online performance becomes one of the ways for the public to enjoy and be part of the festivals. Our stage will show performance series from internationally well known performers from Yogyakarta in hybrid and virtual ways.


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