CELSBUTTON, Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival

Cellsbutton is a way of introducing a new concept and perspective on art and technology to the
cultural framework of Indonesia. The festival intends to relate this to both national and international
developments within the field of new media arts.

Education will be the main focus of Cellsbutton. In our view, (digital) technologies offer a lot of
creative possibilities, in daily life as well as in art and cultural practices. So far, extensive
investigations of this potential of technology within Indonesia and the Yogya context- have been
few. Therefore, the objective of the Education Focus Program (EFP) is to establish connections
and interactions between communities, creators and artist with interest in new media.
A second innovative aim is to make a connection between universities with expertise in technology
and media artists/theorists who are interested in new media art and technology. Herewith, we try to
reinforce the interest in and analysis of technology; for the development of artistic production and
Over the years, we have already built up valuable experience in this field in former programs and
activities, organized by the house of natural fiber. The Education Focus Program (EFP) contains a
brief explanation about the aims we have already reached and want to reach in the near future.

The connection between art, technology and community is one of our main responsibilities. We try
to build a bridge between new media artists and their communities; the people around them. The
festival will involve local communities, artists, international and local issues. All of this will become
an unlimited exploration. A strong responsibility will be the basis for a successful relation between
Education Focus Program (EFP), the dynamics of local communities and environment around it.

Cellsbutton intends to bring together (inter)national artists, theorists, students, local communities,
individuals and professionals with interest in technology and new media art.

For Cellsbutton, we want to build a bridge between universities and local communities interested in
new media. One important reason is that there are no media courses or media faculties here. But
in our perspective, technology can offer many possibilities for artistic development. Hence we want

to make new networking possibilities: between universities with expertise and art schools that can
offer the aesthetic context for media art.

1st cellsbutton: August 2007
2nd cellsbutton: August 2008
3rd cellsbutton: July - August 2009
4th cellsbutton: July - August 2010
5th cellsbutton: July 2011
6th cellsbutton: June - July 2012
7th cellsbutton: June 2013
8th cellsbutton: June 2014
9th cellsbutton + Transformaking: September 2015
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