Jogja Festivals Forum & Expo (JFFE) is a meeting point for various festival stakeholders, both from within and outside the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The forum aims to identify problems and solutions for organizing festivals. On the other hand, JFFE is also present as a joint effort to encourage the strengthening of Yogyakarta's position as a world-class festival city.


This platform aims to build representation for local, regional, and global voices through festival activists in world forums, which so far have only been represented in sectoral domains.


The meeting room functions as an online discussion space and strategic platform to develop strategies and mitigation tactics for the organizing of festivals in Yogyakarta and globally, which include resilience and sustainability in holding cultural arts festivals in the midst of the pandemic and in its eventual post-pandemic (endemic) era.


There are several main issues in this discussion; preparing a mitigation strategy to face the transition from epidemic to endemic, preparing and managing the environment as one of the important pillars in sustainable development and strengthening the capacity of Jogja Festivals and festivals as event-based for tourism and a platform of creative economy.

Focus Group Discussion

This event's purpose is to gather opinions from various resource persons and invited participants regarding festival policies in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The result of this program is aimed to be used as public policy recommendations for governmental stakeholders.

Sharing & Hearing Session

Speakers and invitees are expected to share knowledge and experiences and discuss how the festival, the government, and the private sector can support one another regarding the organizing of festivals.


The JFFE 2021 EXPO is a festival exhibition made as a presentation space to showcase the uniqueness of festivals in Indonesia as well as festival representatives from ASEAN member countries. The exhibition aims to become a means of presentation, promotion, and knowledge transfer for festival lovers and activists and has a goal to create a dynamic forum for meetings and collaboration between festival stakeholders, such as: society, government, academia, and business.

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