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Warga Masyarakat Dusun Ngaran, Margokaton, Seyegan, Sleman dan Volunteer
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Konter Bona, Jalan Kebon Agung Km.14 , Ngaran Margokaton, Seyegan, Sleman
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Ngaran Kite Festival is a kite festival that is organized based on the initiative of the people around the Ngaran Village farm area. The 'Ngaran Kite Festival' was held for the first time by the people of Ngaran Hamlet, Margokaton Village, Seyegan District, Sleman in 2019. The rice field area was chosen as a kite flying place because the rice fields are homes.
The kites have begun to decrease, besides that kites can be used as a medium to reintroduce them to the fields. This kite festival is a big dream to bring back past memories when you were a child. With all the limitations that exist, but able to create a sense of happiness.
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