Yogyakarta Komik Weeks

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Yogyakarta Komik Weeks presents the works of 30 invited comic artists and 30 High Schools students from various schools. Some of the works present respond to current issues literally in various forms of perspective: infographic comics, guides, appeals, opinions, to stories inspired by the current situation. There are works that include social criticism related to the attitudes of stakeholders who are concerned with political images, there are works that translate the pandemic as an uncomfortable condition and must continue to be faced like other social problems, there are also works that prefer to express what they experience and feel in the community. periods of staying at home, or when you have to physically limit movement in social spaces. The timeline of Indonesian comics in the 2000-2020 range is also displayed at this exhibition to provide an overview of the journey of Indonesian comics over the last two decades. In addition to the exhibition, a number of supporting events were also held, including discussions, comical dramas, and comic launches.
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