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Jogja International Batik Biennale (JIBB) is a biennial agenda. JIBB is expected to be able to contribute to the economic recovery based on batik activities with various follow-ups. The main objective is to become a millennial fashion lifestyle. That the love for batik needs to be revived from an early age with the peak of achieving batik socialization to all levels of society. For example, to foster a love of batik from an early age, with the "Batik Goes to School" program through digital media that millennials are interested in. In addition, JIBB also gave awards for inspirational figures for Batik Activists. On the batik material itself, there are also action-research activities to explore and study the Color Batik Trend, Batik Philosophy, Batik Fashion, Batik Trail, and so on. Batik socialization to support Yogyakarta as the World Batik City must be carried out with a massive movement with the support of the local government and the Jogja batik community
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