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Dinas Kebudayaan Kundha Kabudayan Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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More than 50 people with disabilities and non-disabled people collaborated to present art and cultural performances during the Difabel Culture Week event. A number of events ranging from inclusion operetta, daily performances, to workshops can be enjoyed by visitors to the Difabel Culture Week. The entire event of the Difabel Culture Week was attended by deaf, blind and disabled friends, who came from Yogyakarta and its surroundings. Visitors can watch the inclusive operetta, there are also daily performances that can also be seen during the Disabled Culture Week. Shows that are displayed ranging from hip-hop, dance, and others. Other activities that can be followed at the Difabel Culture Week are Seminars and Book Launching the result of collaboration between various parties, ranging from persons with disabilities, journalists, education observers, parents with children with disabilities, and others. Visitors can also see art exhibitions made by persons with disabilities, dance workshops, parenting workshops, and product packaging and marketing workshops. Visitors can also study sign language classes with the deaf. There are also art therapy classes for people with disabilities.
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