Keroncong Plesiran

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JL. MASJID BESAR NO 18 SINGOSAREN, KOTA GEDE sanggar budaya singosaren banguntapan bantul
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Keroncong Plesiran is a keroncong music performance show that relies on the freedom of expression and improvisation where visitors are invited to experience a show that offers a refreshing and relaxing take on progressive keroncong music. This new keroncong festival presents various kinds of keroncong music, including but not limited to: authentic keroncong music, modern keroncong, and even orchestral keroncong.

The Young Keroncong Symphony presents Keroncong Plesiran Music Performance Show to a tourism destination in The Special Region of Yogyakarta. The concept of the chosen location for the keroncong show is connected to the 3A concept in tourism (Amenities, Accessibility, and Attraction). It is hoped to not only be a form of keroncong music appreciation and preservation, but also a way to promote a tourism destination in Yogyakarta and create lasting impact to the region’s economy.

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