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Design in Indonesia has developed in recent times. Several Indonesian designers have succeeded in making achievements in the international design scene. In its development, designs from Indonesia have not succeeded in showing the identity of what we know as Nusantara. Domestic designers still seem to follow the mainstream international design market developments, which can become a ticking time bomb, while Indonesia itself has many and varied native cultures that can be used as a basic reference for design models.

Kotagede is a cultural heritage area in Yogyakarta, has been established for more than three centuries and has passed a long temporal scope. Kotagede keeps the history and memory of acculturation that occurred in the archipelago, especially Java. As a former city that is still inhabited, Kotagede has many historical relics in the form of physical sites, traditional Javanese houses that are behind high walls that form hallways/labyrinths with an Old Javanese City Planning concept called Catur Gatra Tunggal.
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