Paceklik Culture Festival

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Gunung Kidul, Indonesia
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Paceklik Culture Festival is an event that is based on a sense of concern about the occurrence of a cultural famine in the future. This concern is about the loss of cultural direction and cultural celebration in the community, where even the essence of folk art in Gunungkidul has begun to be eroded by practices and changes in community orientation. Therefore, Paceklik Culture Festival provides a new way to build culture in the community with a pattern of authenticity and community culture. Because of that, our event identifies itself as a community-based event. Community-based festivals are cultural activities that actively engage local communities to become actors and main partners in cultural preservation. Embracing the community in our event in order to build community resources in the field of culture, performing arts management, and to educate the younger generation in managing events and tourism objects. The uniqueness of this event is that it is held in residential areas around the beaches of Gunungkidul. The purpose of this is to provide community and cultural-based tourism education. Culture-based community tourism is a solution to promote tourism in Gunungkidul.
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