Pasar Kangen

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Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Pasar Kangen is an annual event that tries to bring various kinds of traditional cuisine. These culinary delights will surely stir up the memories and memories of the visitors' past about Yogyakarta. Maybe, for people who were once young in Jogja, Pasar Kangen is an alley to explore the past. Various traditional snacks at Pasar Kangen will probably tell the story of the changes in Yogyakarta from the past. Not only traditional culinary delights are available at Kangen Market. There are still old and antique items, old edition magazines, cardboard puppets, agate rings, wooden masks, old cassettes, vinyl records, old posters, old-fashioned t-shirts, collections of ancient books, and many other items held at the stalls. stall. This place can be a shopping option to complement antiques at home. We can bargain with the seller like in a traditional market or chat about how the old object was obtained.
Kangen Market is a zone where human values will be mutually fostered together. The threads of relationship between buyers and sellers will be built, which will not be found in modern markets. Recalling simple activities in traditional markets will give spirit again if the market is not only a place for economic events, but also social events.
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