Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival

Organized by :
Komunitas Gayam16
Since :
Office Address :
Jalan Mantrigawen Lor nomor 9 Panembahan Kraton Yogyakarta 55131 Indonesia
Phone :
0274 381 681 / 081 094 105966
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The Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival is organized by the Gayam 16 Community. This year is the 26th year, since it was held in 1995. In the midst of this challenging situation, YGF strives to be present not only as a celebration, but also as a motivating reflection. Gamelan is a way of life that can be applied in any situation. Keeping a distance in the current situation is not an obstacle for gamelan. Because in gamelan, each sound makes room for the other. Giving space means giving distance, so that one another does not collide with each other. The Gayam 16 Community hopes to cooperate with various parties in organizing YGF in the future.
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