Pekan Budaya Tionghoa

Organized by :
Jogja Chinese Art & Culture Center (JCACC)
Office Address :
Gedung Bhakti Loka (Jl.Poncowinatan No.20, Yogyakarta)
Phone :
0821 3494 9844
Email :
Chinese New Year celebrations are also celebrated in Yogyakarta every year. This celebration was named the Yogyakarta Chinese Culture Week (PBTY). PBTY was initiated by the Chinese community who are members of the JCACC (Jogja Chinese Art and Culture Center). JCACC cooperates with the Yogyakarta City Government, the Yogyakarta Tourism Office, and the DIY Culture Office. PBTY which was previously routinely held in the Chinatown of Kampung Ketandan, Yogyakarta City. There are interesting event content presented at the Yogyakarta Chinese Culture Week, such as Webinars and Podcasts, Traditional and Oriental Performance, Wayang Potehi, Wushu, Live Music, Chinese Forecast, Cooking Class, Barongsai & Liong, Doorprize, and Fun Fact. PBTY is open to the wider community aiming to preserve and introduce ethnic Chinese culture as one component of the assets of the Indonesian nation. In addition, the richness of cultural diversity should be able to become a pillar in strengthening the city of Yogyakarta as a cohesive, multicultural city.
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