Festival Film Pelajar Jogja

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Jl. Petak Baru, Bener TR IV/184, RT 002/001 Tegalrejo, Yogyakarta 55243
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The initialization of Jogja Student Film Festival or Festival Film Pelajar Jogja (FFPJ), was a form of self-admittance in progressing in the world of film arts, especially in its academic and cultural scene. This festival was made as a space to connect, share, and together learn critically for Indonesian students, specifically for teenagers and those studying in middle school. This process that has been going on since 2010 has always been done collaboratively. Support and aid of many parties has been the main proponent of the festivals existence and growth. FFPJ is committed to holding and acting upon the values of independence, collaboration, tolerance, fellowship, and peace in every step of its lifespan. This is done in parallel with the effort to realize FFPJs vision, which is to develop a student community with an interest in the world of film, art, and media in general as media in strengthening their cultural identity, critical education, and independent-collective growth for a better life.
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