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Festival Asia Tri is a performing arts festival initiated by artists from three countries.They are Yang Hye Jin from South Korea, Soga Masaru from Japan, and Bambang Paningron and Bimo Wiwohatmo from Indonesia (Yogyakarta). Though only three countries initiate this festival, this festival is open for artists from any country without considering the tribe, race, and religious background. Before, there were also many artists from Asian and European countries that joined this festival.
This festival was first held in Yogyakarta in 2006. This festival tries to develop the solidarity between artists, especially in Asia, that finally can develop the understanding despite the differences between every culture by some activities like collaboration, discussion, and workshops. Yogyakarta as one of the initiators has also been acknowledged as one of the cultural development centers which will positively impact tourism, social, and economical development.
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