Festival Layang-Layang Nasional

Organized by :
Perkalin (Perkumpulan Pekarya Layang-Layang Indonesia) (Indonesian Kite Assosiation)
Since :
Office Address :
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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The Jogja International Kite Festival is organized by PERKALIN and TALIKAMA. Both are a gathering place for the creative community (artist creator, kite-maker) from all over Indonesia. Inflaming the spirit of a new civilization to realize Indonesian kites that excel in creation of space between nations, confirm kites as part of the culture of the archipelago and make kites an important component of industry and creative economy in tourism.
This festival not only held a kite festival for adult groups from the tourism side, but also held a kite festival in terms of art, culture and education. For example the kite festival for children because so far the kite festival is only followed by adults and teenagers.
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