Gulali Festival

Organized by :
Papermoon Puppet X Ayo Dongeng Indonesia
Since :
Office Address :
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Ria Papermoon (from Papermoon Puppet Theatre) and Ariyo Zidni (from Ayo Dongeng Indonesia) have long wanted to make a special show that is seriously prepared for Indonesian children. They see a show like this that has never existed in Indonesia. Armed with experience in the world of puppet shows and fairy tales, they then established themselves to collaborate to create this festival and invite interdisciplinary artists to be involved in it.
The name GULALI was chosen because it was considered that the name could represent the many flavors that will be shared at this festival. It also brings hope that the GULALI Festival can be a medium to celebrate happiness together.
GULALI Festival is expected to be able to answer the need for performing arts for children with the best quality and answer the challenges of today's generation. It is also hoped that with this festival, it can become a new spirit in the arts and get to know culture, can accompany children (and Indonesian families) during this pandemic and can also bring happiness and joy in the living room.
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