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Jogja Video Mapping Project (JVMP) & SAAB!
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Jalan Timoho 2 Gg Tunjung Baru No 245, Muja Muhu UH, YK
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SUMONAR is a festival that accommodates and invites light-based artists from around the world to showcase its artworks to shine brighter or be recognized internationally. 2019 was the year that SUMONAR was initialized as Indonesias first international video mapping and light-based art installation festival. By utilizing The Indonesian Bank Museum and The Post Office at Nol Kilometer Yogyakarta as the object for projection mapping as well as transforming the Loop Station into a gallery for light-based art installations, SUMONAR was successfully held for 11 days. From that point onwards, the Indonesian video mapping and light-based art installation scene has never been the same. The network between artists was made stronger and extensive, where SUMONAR itself has become part of the world video mapping festival scene that is starting to be recognized internationally.
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