Upcoming Festival, Festival Hope To Move Together

Gotong Royong Festival : The Importance of Integration to Realize the Mitigation of Organizing Festivals in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

FGD JFFE 2021 : Policy Meeting Room to Prepare Mitigation for Post-pandemic Festivals

Talkshow 2 : Communication and Collaboration Towards a Better Festival Landscape

Talkshow 1 : Digital Transformation and Pandemic, Change the Way of Viewing Festivals

Simposium 3 : Festival Collaboration, Government, and BUMN in Building Festival Market

Opening Expo JFFE 2021 : Bringing Festival Collaboration Values Through "Pop-Up" Expo

OneonOne Meeting 2021 : Building Collaboration Through Personal Conversation

Simposium 2 : Diplomacy Through Festivals Bring Indonesia Closer to the World

Simposium 1 : Festival Ecosystem as a Destination Needs to Strengthen Collaboration

Opening Ceremony JFFE 2021: Appreciation and Support for the Implementation of the Jogja Festivals Forum and Expo

Press Conference JFFE 2021: The Power of Interfestival Collaboration for Yogyakarta, the City of World Festivals

Media Gathering JFFE 2021: Strengthen The Festival Presence and Networking in Post-Pandemic COVID-19

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